Artistic production

Works that enhance color, volumes, arouse emotions, capable of communicating and stimulating possible personal interpretations.
Select the type of artistic language.

Images referable to a lived or dreamed tangible reality of exotic and nostalgic worlds. Figurative choices that usually flow out of the unconscious with arcane meanings to which everyone is entitled to give its own free interpretation. However, it is intriguing to stimulate people in finding answers to the reason why certain interpretations give birth to forms with multiple meanings, that do not correspond with one’s history and customs. The observer plays an active role and participates with its own personal experience and store of knowledge to the personal analysis of the piece of art without necessarily meeting the artist’s intentions.


It’s always gratifying to follow the stages through which the artist evolves and asserts himself. Signs of the artistic ability were already visible during the learning period at the Academy of Arts. Former times characterized by a certain learning experience. But already at that time, the accurate commitment to deepen and seek an autonomy with regards to composition and colour emerged. Now I see with pleasure that you have found a stimulating and vital relationship with the reality that materializes in plastic valuesenhanced and accentuated by colour.
Your way of seeing reality and nature is not descriptive but it’s filled with concrete evidence in the way different elements are collocated in space and nevertheless mysterious when it comes to the different combinations. This is perhaps the most original aspect of your paintings; its presence is often sudden and I would say almost an instinctive force that displays the beautiful and charming sense of nature.
The characters in your paintings: the human figure, the performance of a prancing horse, the capacity that landscapes have to depict images, is expressed not only as something concrete and tangible, but it refers back to a less epidermic reality, that needs to release the soul; the vital breath that provokes with the inaccessible recesses of nature, sobriety and control of the means of composition, without neglecting rigor.

Antonio Miccoli