giorgio piccinno artista maglie


Giorgio Piccinno promotes his activity in the province of Lecce. Discover the pictorial, sculptural and graphic creations.

Contemporary artist from Salento

Giorgio Piccinno was born in in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1957 where, after the Second World War, his parents had moved. Here he spends his childhood, attends Primary School, immediately demonstrating highly appreciated attitudes towards drawing.
In 1969, the entire family returns to Italy. After taking private lessons to learn the language, he attends the Middle School in Maglie, then the Artistic High School and the Academy of Arts, both in Lecce. His first works, made during his high school education, reveal an attention to the land of origin, reproducing characters and settings that seem extrapolated from José Hernández's "Martin Fierro", an Argentine literary work. Later, after finishing high school, he tackles issues related to a neo-figurative vein, imbued with remote, dreamlike and symbolic reflections, whose interpretation is free and engaging.

His research, in the field of painting, also includes subjects, often landscapes, centered on the exaltation of harmonious and balanced color, which border on abstraction, while always remaining linked to realism. In sculpture he ranges from working with stone, to that of clay, cement and finally wood. In graphics he prefers graphite and ink. He has also been engaged as a teacher of Art and History of Art for about forty years. He currently lives and works in Maglie (LE).